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Welcome back for 2015.

The GTAV is about to launch it's new website shortly.

 To view the Professional Learning events for 2015, please click here

Registrations will open on the new website in early February.

To get in early and secure your place in a particular event, please email us at: 

This will be followed up with a confirmation email from our new online booking system via the website.

VCE Geography Study Design 2016-2020

We are delighted to inform you that the new VCE Geography Study Design is now published on the VCAA Website.
All four Units 1 to 4 Geography will be implemented in 2016.

The VCAA and GTAV will partner to provide free Implementation Workshops in March and April 2015 in metropolitan and regional venues. Webinar and Polycom workshops, with a recorded link, will ensure that all schools and teachers have access to this valuable professional learning.

The GTAV will also be providing extensive professional learning to support this exciting new course during the year including at our highly regarded Annual and November conferences.

We extend our sincere thanks the VCAA's Monica Bini and all of the VCE Review Panel Members and writers for their work on this world class curriculum and in particular acknowledge the high degree of consultation with and support of Victorian geography teachers in its development.

Production is already underway for four VCE text books - one for each unit. The GTAV plans to have these available in time for Early Start VCE Programs in November 2015.

View the new Geography Study Design Here

Geographical Education

The latest issue of Geographical Education Geographical Education Volume 27, 2014 includes

  • the Chair of Director’s Annual Report
  • two reports related to the Review of the Australian Curriculum: Geography
    • Submission to the Review of the Australian Curriculum Submitted by the Australian Geography Teachers’ Association Limited from Dr Grant Kleeman and
    • Comments on the recommendations relating to geography in the Review of the Australian Curriculum by Associate Professor Alaric Maude
  • four peer reviewed articles:
    • Sustainability in the Australian Curriculum: Geography by Associate Professor Alaric Maude;
    • Investigating the impacts of global education curriculum on the values and attitudes of secondary students by Dr John DeNobile, Dr Grant Kleeman and Ms Anastasia Zarkos;
    • Post-primary education and energy literacy: An analysis of the potential for geography curricula to contribute to Australian students’ energy literacy by Mr Brad Maddock and Dr Jeana Kriewaldt; and,
    • Interested and influential: the role of a professional association in the development of the Foundation to Year 10 Australian Curriculum: Geography by Ms Susan Caldis
  • Book reviews

ICC Cricket World Cup

Download great Australian Curriculum Year 7 Unit 2 Geography Cricket Smart teaching resources at

Also view the Economics and Math resources for use in Geography.

Asia World Cup in Australia

Free Educational resources to support this big football event in Australia are available here
Year 9 Unit 2 Geographies of Interconnections would be one of many strong fits for Geography. 

Interaction focuses on 'Geography: All encompassing'

InteractionGTAV members can now download the December issue of Interaction. Back issues of Interaction dating from 2001 are also available for GTAV members to download.

Feature article
A new National Park: Sarah Rees

Year 10: Australia’s marine environment: Katherine Wells and Jeana Kriewaldt
Developing intellectual character using visible thinking strategies: Bev Steer
Place and liveability – making your place even better: Paul Herbert and Nick Pryde
Biomes and food security: some practical lesson ideas for the new national curriculum unit: Georgina Birch
Teaching inspired Geography with Twig World and Tigtag: Geraldine Reilly
Child trafficking and the Australian Curriculum: Mark Easton and David Cross
The value of appreciation of a park: John McInerney

Adventure learning in Geography: bringing the world into the classroom: Andrew Poynter and Ollie Fairclough
Geography fieldwork at Bunurong Marine Park and Coastal Reserve: Aileen Vening
Victorian Volcanic Plain Grasslands: change over time learning experiences: Michelle Howard

Primary Geographer
Using literature for rich learning in Geography: the Through My Eyes series: Lyn White

Planning @ Deakin: David Jones

Geography ICT
Practical ideas for implementing ICT and basic GIS: Adrian De Fanti
Run the River: a water-sharing challenge bringing Water in the World alive: Clair Bannerman

Reviews and Annual Index

Activities Link for new Secondary Concepts Posters

The Activities Link has now been emailed to teachers who have purchased the Secondary Concept Posters. If you have purchased the posters and not received the email, please contact the Office on 03 9824 835503 9824 8355
The Primary Activities will be available in March 2015.

Australian Curriculum Review Final Report recommends Geography as a mandatory subject to Year 10. 

You will be aware that the Final Report on the Review of the Australian Curriculum has been released.
Over the coming weeks GTAV will be reviewing its content and liaising with appropriate authorities to evaluate the implications of this report. 

The GTAV has long advocated for and strongly supports the Conclusion Recommendation of Professor Wiltshire and Dr Donnelly:
"... together with the increasing importance of geographical knowledge in the current and future world contexts, and considering that the vast majority of countries we have analysed have geography as a compulsory subject to at least middle years of secondary schooling, we believe that geography should be a mandatory subject to Year 10."

The GTAV is also in agreement with their recommendation to increase the amount of fieldwork in the Geography curriculum.

The GTAV would also like to acknowledge the quality of the VCAA AusVELS-AC course and the high degree of genuine consultation that was included in its development. We urge the VCAA and schools to implement the endorsed AusVELS Geography course without further delay.  
A Summary of Geography Recommendations is here

The link below is to the VCAA PDF of the new curriculum for F-10 Geography. The final full hyperlinked online version will also contain a Glossary.

All of the text books and online resources support this new AusVELS-AC course so the GTAV urges implementation of Geography in 2015.

Global Education Project

The Global Education Project, funded by AusAID now DFAT, has been a part of the GTAV for over 15 years.

Sadly - the Federal Government has announced that it will cease funding  this  Australia-wide  project at the end of 2014.

This program has been providing high quality professional learning and resources across all subject areas and cross curriculum priorities.

 Over the 15 years the Global Education Project has worked with many to provide professional learning to 10s of 1000s of teachers in rural, regional and metropolitan Victoria.

We would like to acknowledge the outstanding, highly respected and dedicated work by GTAV staff over these years in providing such high quality professional learning to Victorian teachers.

The GTAV is working extremely hard in trying to keep this program alive so that teachers can still have access to this high quality outstanding project.

New AusVELS-AC Geography Curriculum for 2015 Implementation

The VCAA website currently has the former VELS curriculum labelled as AusVELS until they release the new AusVELS-AC curriculum. The publication of the second iteration has been delayed as a result of the Commonwealth government's review of the Australian Curriculum. However the VCAA has assured the GTAV that it will accelerate the publication of the full new Geography curriculum so that it is available as part of the online curriculum for all schools from the start of 2015. 

The link below is to the VCAA PDF of the new curriculum for F-10 Geography. The final full hyperlinked online version will also contain a Glossary and reference to the Cross-curricula Priorities.

All of the text books and online resources support this new AusVELS-AC course so the GTAV urges implementation of Geography in 2015.

We will notify members here and via GTAV eNews when the online version is live. 

New GTAV Careers Brochure

Just in time for Subject Selection and Careers Events is the Branching out with Geography Careers Brochure.
Also hand them out at Parent Teacher interviews.

First 20 free to members plus $3 postage.  Click here for full details and order form for this magnificent careers resource that all students should have. 

Use the GTAV
Branching out with Geography Brochures with the GTAV Prezi presentation looping on full screen at your subject selection/ career event. A Powerpoint version of the Prezi presentation can be downloaded here. Add some music or talk to the slides.

Topographic Map Kits

Full details and Order Form Here

GTAV Trial Exam 2014

The trial examination is now ready for distribution. Full details and order form Here

New GTAV Primary and Secondary Geography Concepts Posters

These stunning A2-sized Posters are supported by classroom ready activites. There is a set of seven posters for Primary and another seven for secondary levels.

View them at Conference. View Primary posters and order form Here. View the Secondary posters and order form Here

The Activities are now available for the Secondary Posters. The Primary Activities will be available in March 2015

concept posters.JPG

AGTA Conference, January 2015

New Zealand is a great education resource right on our doorstep where we can bring earth science alive to our students. Call it your classroom in the great outdoors... for Geography - Earth Sciences - Conservation & Environmental Science - Sustainable Tourism - Farming & Agricultural - Indigenous studies and more...

Relative to Australia, all these experiences are contained within a small area that is easily travelled over in a short time. So much can be packed into the time when an organised tour takes the group efficiently from one venue to the next. This professional development conference will address the new Australian Geography Curriculum and help you implement new resources into your classrooms for interactive lessons.

>> Download the conference latest flyer

>> View AGTA 2015 conference details  including resource papers demonstrating the links New Zealand provides to the teaching of the Australian Curriculum: Geography.

>> Register for the AGTA 2015 Conference

Latest issue of AGTA's Geographia now available

GeographiaThe December 2014 issue of AGTA's newsletter Geographia is now available. Contents include

  • AGTA members
  • Curriculum review
  • AGTA conference
  • AGTA website
  • AAAE membership
  • Teaching resources
  • Thinking geographically
  • Big Week Out
  • GeogSpace
  • National competition
  • Geography Olympiad
  • Around the affiliates

Thinking Geographically DVD — Revised edition

Thinking Geographically DVDThe new revised DVD has over 50 additional Thinkpieces, new links to Australian Curriculum resources materials, new professional learning presentations and new curriculum planning suggestions. This is a much improved product to support the implementation of the Australian Curriculum: Geography. The DVD contains:

  • geographical thinking examples, exercises and articles
  • over 50 Thinkpieces on geography (thought provoking articles on geographical education in schools)
  • curriculum planning and assessment processes and templates
  • 100s of direct links to Internet sites to support geographical thinking and the teaching of geography
  • presentations and video resource links to support professional learning.

>> Brochure 
>> Guide to using the Thinking Geographically DVD

Australian orders: AUD$99.00 Postage & GST included

>> Purchase using Visa/MasterCard or PayPal
>> Purchase using Australian school purchase order form

Exploring 21st Century Geography DVD

Exploring 21st Century Geography DVDAn outstanding collection of teaching resources including spatial technologies/GIS units. The DVD contains:

  • articles and resources on 21st century Geography
  • GIS skills development, GIS in Physical Geography and Historical GIS books – course processes and activities with geographical data
  • 21st Century Internet sites
  • technology in the geography classroom articles, internet sites and resources
  • inquiry project design and work samples.

>> Brochure

Australian orders: AUD$95.00 Postage & GST included

>> Purchase using Visa/MasterCard or PayPal
>> Purchase using Australian school purchase order form