The GTAV was established in 1959. A meeting chaired by Mrs Woolacott was held on 29 June 1959 at Mercer House, in Melbourne, Victoria at which time an Interim Committee was formed comprising Mr Alec Lyne (Chairman), Mr Jock Herbert (Secretary) and Miss Una Boyle (Treasurer). On 5 August 1959 Alec Lyne chaired the first official meeting of the GTAV at Mercer House and the name 'Geography Teachers' Association of Victoria' was accepted.

In 1999 a booklet entitled, Celebrating 40 years of Excellence in Geographic Education 1959 - 1999, was produced by Geoffrey Paterson listing members of past committees and recording key people and activities. 

In 2009 The GTAV celebrated its 50th anniversary with the publication of GTAV: the first 50 years. A celebratory dinner attended by over 100 guests was held on Sunday 23 August 2009.


Barbara Petchenik
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