Life Members

Life Members

Life Membership is a special and rare category of GTAV membership awarded to those who have made a significant and outstanding contribution to the GTAV over an extended period of time or an exceptional contribution over a shorter period of time.

In accordance with Statement of Purposes, life membership should be awarded to GTAV members who have rendered distinguished service to the Association.

The individual will have fostered geographic education through long-term service and commitment to the aims and objectives of the GTAV. They will be acknowledged by his/her colleagues as outstanding by virtue of contributions to the GTAV rather than by their professional positions held.

We currently have 13 Life Members.



1973 Miss Nora Wilkinson (1986 Deceased) 
1974 Phyllis Reichl  (2005 Deceased)
1974 Alex Lyne        (2012 Deceased)
1974 Geoff Lloyd  (2005 Deceased)
1976 Hec Gallagher  
1976 John Collins  
1979 Michael Achurch          (1979 Deceased)
1985 Bill Stringer  
1985 Colin Green  
1985 Ross Hartnell     (2000 Deceased)
1992 Elida Brereton  
1992 Bruce Tamagno  
1992 David Roberts  
1992 Rob Berry  
1995 Marilyn Wiber  
1996 Nan Gallagher (2015 Deceased)
2005 Stephen Cranby  
2005 Jeana Kriewaldt  
2012 Joan Kent  
Barbara Petchenik
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