Mission Statement

What is the GTAV?

The Geography Teachers’ Association of Victoria Inc is:

  • a membership organisation committed to the professional development of teachers, academics, students and others interested in geographical education
  • a progressive, up to date association of national and international standing
  • affiliated with Australian Geography Teachers’ Association (AGTA)

Our Mission :

Geography offers all students the opportunity to:

  • experience a unique perspective of environments, peoples and their interaction
  • develop knowledge, skills and values that enable them to explore and understand the world.

The GTAV is committed to excellence in geographical education in Victoria. This is achieved by: 

  • providing leadership in geographical education;
  • promoting the value and place of Geography teaching and learning;
  • fostering participation of, and collaboration between students, teachers and the wider community;
  • providing quality services and support;
  • offers members the opportunity to be involved in various sub-committees.

The GTAV Provides :

Support and Consultancy

  • The full time GTAV Education Officer provides advice and support to Victorian teachers on curricula, resources and contacts for the teaching and promotion of Geography.  The GTAV also provides the opportunity to link with hundreds of practising Geography teachers across Victoria and in your local area.

Quality Professional Learning Program

  • A range of different programs is offered throughout the year, catering for teachers and pre service teachers from Foundation to VCE. Professional Learning is held in both metropolitan and regional venues. Our Education Officer can also provide sessions tailored to your school’s needs.

Annual Conference

  •  Held in August in Melbourne for Geography educators from Victoria, Australia and overseas, the Conference provides a high quality program of keynotes, seminars, workshops and fieldwork.


  • Quality curriculum resources are developed by the GTAV and are available to members at reduced rates. Units of work, links to useful websites  and course outlines are also available on the GTAV Website in the section.

Orbis Library

  • Access to a collection of over 9000 items, including journals, is available for the use of all members.

Newsletters and journal

  • The Association’s full colour journal Interaction (available in print and online) is published quarterly and provides information on the latest developments in geographical education, reviews, teaching strategies and fieldwork ideas.
  • 8 online issues of GTAV eNews  provide up to date news on curriculum, resources and competitions.

Alerts via Social media

  • The GTAV has an active presence on Facebook and Twitter.

Student Activities and Careers Information

  • Four VCE Geography Units 3 and 4 revision lectures, delivered by experts in the field and in Geography teaching, are provided during the year.
  • Current information on career pathways  and tertiary courses in Geography-related fields are provided via the GTAV website and the full colour careers brochure produced by the GTAV.

Representation and Advocacy

  • Active involvement in major education issues affecting schools through representation on statewide education/curriculum committees and at national forums.
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