Sub Committees

Subcommittees are advisory bodies to the GTAV Committee and assist with work that needs to be done for the Association. As subcommittees are open to non-Committee members, all members of the GTAV have a chance to get involved in planning and Committee matters. Each subcommittee has members delivering high quality services – without the support of these volunteers, there would be no Association.

Subcommittees are generally developed to support the GTAV Committee in specific areas.For example, a subcommittee might be formed to make recommendations around the professional learning program, resources, membership, marketing & communications, policy and finance.

Subcommittees regularly report at GTAV Committee meetings to provide advice and make recommendations. The GTAV Committee has the final responsibility for decisions. The GTAV Committee reviews the GTAV subcommittee structure annually at the beginning of each Committee term.

Structure of subcommittees

All Committee members should be involved in at least one subcommittee. A subcommittee must consist of at least three members. Each subcommittee has a nominated convenor.

Sub-committees are open to all GTAV members.

The subcommittee convenor is responsible for :

  • calling meetings as required
  • reporting to the GTAV Committee
  • ensuring that the implementation of approved recommendations is monitored
  • encouraging participation in the subcommittee by GTAV members.

Subcommittees may meet prior to or between regular Committee meetings. Meetings are normally held at the GTAV office and/or by telephone conferencing enabling rural and regional members to participate.

Notice of meetings will be emailed to members.

Professional Learning and Student Activities

This committee plans and reviews all professional development activities for the GTAV, including the Annual Conference. In 2016 the challenges will include helping Geography teachers with the implementation of the new VCE Study Design 2016–2020 and the implementation of the Victorian Curriculum: Geography.  Developing the GTAV’s expertise for the delivery of professional learning through digital technologies such as video conferencing and webinars is also a focus. The main student activities include VCE Revision lectures, competitions, participation in The Education Show and The Age VCE and Careers Expo. Two new SPP-funded programs for students are continuing to be delivered by the GTAV in 2016 – the mid year  GeoSkills event and the Australian Geography Competition Fieldwork Day. The MapIT! Challenge will also be extended to the entire Cardinia Shire in 2016.

Membership, Marketing and Communications

This Committee considers the membership structure of the organisation and the means by which information is made available to members and the broader Geography community. This includes the GTAV website and GTAV participation in social media – including Facebook, ScoopIT! and Twitter.

Projects and Resources

The GTAV has a great reputation for producing a variety of high-quality resources for teachers and students for many years. These include textbooks, booklets, brochures, posters, online and web-based resources, units of work, topographic map kits, fieldwork guides and the GTAV journal Interaction.

The production and sale of resources are important for two main reasons:

  1. To provide high-quality and relevant educational material for students and teachers  to help with the teaching of strong Geography.
  2. To provide a strong income stream for the GTAV.

The GTAV develops these resources or works in partnership with other organisations.

The Resources Sub-committee is responsible for:

  • assessing the demand for Geography resources to be produced by the GTAV
  • determining the type of resource/s required (topics, books, posters etc) and their format (print, digital etc)
  • establishing the  themes and content for Interaction
  • curating the ScoopIT! Pages for the GTAV.

An important role for this group will be to determine the development of resources that will produce an alternative and ongoing income stream to take pressure away from the reliance on income from VCE Geography textbook sales.

Policy and Finance

The role of the policy and finance sub-committee is to develop high-quality protocols for the Association and assist the Treasurer in managing and monitoring the organisation's finances. It provides an opportunity for detailed discussion and consideration of policy and financial matters, with regular reporting to the full management committee.


Awards given by the GTAV should be seen as appreciation and recognition for service to the Geography community, which consists of teachers, students, pre service teachers and others who enable and support aspects of Geography teaching in Victoria. The role of the Awards Sub Committee is to research suitable awards which should be given by the GTAV. This Committee will call for nominations for GTAV Awards at an appropriate time.


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