• All individual members of the GTAV are permitted to borrow resources from the Orbis Library.
  • Geography teachers who teach in a school that is a registered member may also borrow from the GTAV Orbis Library.
  • Non-members may use the resources at the GTAV library site, but are not permitted to borrow.
  • Borrowing may be either done directly by coming to the Orbis Library OR items can be posted. Cost of postage varies according to the weight and size of the books. It is the responsibility of the borrower to pay for the postage.
  • Members may borrow items for a period of 4 weeks maximum. Some items in heavy demand may be limited to a shorter period of time.
  • Members are strongly urged to return all items by the due date. The library can only provide a useful service to all members if everybody cooperates to return all items on time. At the end of each month, a reminder notice will be given by email, telephone or mail. After three months, if an item is not returned, the cost of the replacement will be invoiced to the borrower.
  • If a borrower loses an item, the cost of the replacement is to be borne by the borrower.
  • Members and non-members are permitted to photocopy material, in accordance with Copyright regulations, on site. A charge for photocopying will be made.
  • Material may be loaned to the facilitators of professional development sessions for the GTAV. If items are lost, the cost of replacement is to be borne by the Professional Development program of the GTAV.

Barbara Petchenik
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