Refund Policy

Occasionally the GTAV receives enquiries regarding cancellation of Professional Learning registrations prior to or just after the event. While the association would like to be able to forward a full refund in all instances, we regret that we are not able to do so.

The following policy has been formulated so that neither delegates and schools nor the GTAV are financially disadvantaged as a result of cancellations.

See below for list of Refund Guidelines :

  • A written request for any cancellation refund is required.
  • Where possible, a doctor’s certificate should be attached.
  • GTAV recognises that in some instances (e.g. sudden illness in the family), it is impossible to give much notice. The following guidelines indicate the refund which will apply regardless of the number of days for which a delegate has been registered.

Refund Guidelines :

No warning of cancellation No refund
Cancellation on the day of event No refund
Cancellation on the day of the event and doctor's certificate/extenuating circumstances 70% refund
Fewer than 7 days warning of cancellation 20% refund
8 - 14 days warning of cancellation 50% refund
More than 15 days warning of cancellation 75% refund
Barbara Petchenik
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