Teaching the Australian Curriculum F-6 Books

These books are held in the Orbis Library

Understanding and Teaching the Australian Curriculum: Geography for Primary Schools

Author :.Alaric Maude

Published : Moorabbin, Vic. Hawker Brownlow Education Pty Ltd, 2014.

ISBN : 9781760011710

This book is designed to ease the burden of primary teachers by showing them how to understand and use the curriculum they are being asked to teach

Teaching Primary Geography for Australian Schools Early Years - Year 6

Authors : Catling, Simon; Willy, Tessa; Butler, John,
Published : Moorabin, Vic. Hawker Brownlow Education, 2013.
ISBN : 9781743306758

This book helps to develop your knowledge and understanding of Early Years and Primary geography and of their teaching. It discusses the nature of geography and geographical knowledge and understanding, and links this with everyday life, in particular, with children's environmental and geographical experiences, a thread running throughout the book.

Barbara Petchenik
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