Cricket Smart

Cricket Smart

Cricket Smart – a resource for Year 7 Unit 2 Place and liveability, based on the 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup

The ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 commences on February 13 2015 so engage your students with Cricket Smart.

Cricket Smart features free lesson plans and resources that are aligned to the Geography Australian Curriculum and across several other learning areas. It also has a Student Zone with tools, resources and other materials.

The following activities and lesson plans are a part of the Year 7 Place and Liveability unit :

  • Activity 1: Cricket, place and liveability
  • Activity 2: Liveability – what does it mean to different people?
  • Activity 3: How can we make places even better?
  • Activity 4: Why do people live where they do?
  • Activity 5: How liveable is your home town?
  • Activity 6: Improving the liveability of your area
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