Geographies of Human Wellbeing Student Resources by Rotary

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Geopgraphy of Human Wellbeing

Our eClub Members Philip Hedley and Christine Lower have been working together with the GTAV to develop material for the new Australian National Geography Curriculum.Investigating Geographies of Human Wellbeing is an important part of the Australian Geography Curriculum.

Rotary International works to address issues that affect the daily lives and wellbeing of people throughout the world. These issues include the major challenges of health and disease, clean water and sanitation, education and literacy. The aim of these resources is to provide teachers and students with information that will develop their understanding of how a non-government agency assists people, throughout our region, the Pacific and indeed the world. The links provided lead to case studies and background information about the Rotary projects. Although these resources are prepared with the new Australian Curriculum Year 10 Unit 2 Geographies of Human Wellbeing course in mind, they could also be used in other areas of the curriculum, in particular at year 11 Disasters and Hazards.

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