GTAV Scoop.it! is a curation platform that has enabled the GTAV to collect news, articles, website and other sources found on the net that are relevant to Geography. These resources are fully referenced to AC / Victoria Curriculum Geography Content Descriptions.

GTAV contacted the DEECD Vicsmart Support Network Communications Information Technology Division to request that the site be unblocked at the ISP iinet network stage. It is now accessible. If it still is a problem in your school, please provide your school technician with this advice from DEECD. "If the school uses a Filtered ACL option in the Netspace portal, add the website to the whitelist for it to work". Please let us know if there are other Geography educational resources blocked to DEECD schools and we will lobby for the same access enjoyed by teachers and students in the Catholic and Independent sectors.

Barbara Petchenik
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