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Using a free GIS Viewer to teach Yr 8 Tectonics

This self contained unit has been trialled in 2013 for AusVELS Yr 8 Unit 1 Landforms and Landscapes. It could also be used for AusVELS Yr 10 Unit 1.

Using GIS is an important skill identified in Geography Inquiry and Skills strand of the Australian Curriculum. This activity provides a perfect vehicle to integrate digital and spatial technologies with the Knowledge and Understating strand.

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Please send feedback to the GTAV Education Officer Stephen Latham as you use the unit to ensure continuous improvement.

Using a free GIS Viewer to teach Yr 10

Download Geographies of Human Wellbeing and refer to pages 29 to 34 for activities and login details.

Exploring 21st Century Geography DVD

Exploring 21st Century Geography DVDAn outstanding collection of teaching resources including spatial technologies/GIS units. The DVD contains:

  • articles and resources on 21st century Geography
  • GIS skills development, GIS in Physical Geography and Historical GIS books – course processes and activities with geographical data
  • 21st Century Internet sites
  • technology in the geography classroom articles, internet sites and resources
  • inquiry project design and work samples.


This DVD can be purchased from AGTA

Spatial Technologies and Fieldwork in Victorian Curriculum and VCE Geography

The Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) conducted a pilot project in 2015 to trial evidence-based practice of digital learning through the use of personal mobile devices and spatial technologies. The information on the case studies, that relate to both the Victorian Curriculum and VCE Geography, can be accessed via The Department of Education and Training's DigiPubs. Specifically Spatial Technologies and Fieldwork in Victorian Curriculum and VCE Geography.

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