Mapping - Basic Map Drawing Skills

A power point presentation which provides an outline of BOLTSS. BOLTSS being a word that we use to help us remember different parts of a map. Each letter stands for a different word.

Border : Shows the edges of the map. The limits of the area covered by the map. Often there is an overlap of the borders of adjoining maps of the same series.
Orientation : Shows which way is north, usually as directed with a compass arrow.
Legend : Shows what the symbols mean.
Title : Tells the reader what the map is for or what place is drawn on it. The name of the map identifying the geographic area that it covers.
Scale : How big is the actual distance is compared to the map. A linear and/or ratio indicating distance on the map to distance on the ground.
Source : Who provides the source of the information on which the map has been based.

Barbara Petchenik
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