Study of Bushfires : Resources and fieldwork support

Relevant to :

  • Year 5 Bushfires
  • Year 8 Landforms and Landscapes
  • Year10 Environmental Change and management
  • VCE Unit 1 Hazards and Disasters

This is an excellent one stop shop for all of your needs. The GTAV has worked closely with Barry Thomas and the Bushfire Education Foundation to support fine the work he does. Barry has worked tirelessly to build living museums for students and members of the public to learn about bushfires.

The Bushfire Education Foundation website depicts the Phoenix museum he built at Marysville and a video of the opening of the Ash Wednesday Bushfire Education Centre at Cockatoo. He has even more in store for different regions! He works closely and respectfully with local communities. He can help you with your fieldwork and putting you in touch with local contacts and speakers and is in regular communication with leading Geography teacher Paul Cross and our Education Officer to ensure the resources closely meet the Geography curriculum.

The Library tab on the Bushfire Education Foundation website is an essential starting point for your preparation for teacher Bushfires from Level 5 to VCE Unit 1.

Barbara Petchenik
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